Today the sun was shining

So, I could take some photos of my newest sweater!

My February Lady sweater

My February Lady sweater

I had no professional stylist here to help me out, and I had to use the tripod and take the photos on my own. I think this is my favorite of the several photos that I took today.

This sweater was started just before Thanksgiving and finished on New Year’s Eve at Adrienne’s house. I didn’t block the thing, but I don’t think it really needs blocking. The yarn is Glory Days from Briar Rose Fibers and it is fabulous.

The pattern is a departure from the usual garments I knit for myself. I typically go for more fitted garments that accentuate my curvy figure. But, I really liked the pattern and I had just the right yarn on hand.

I’m moving on to a new shawl now and have made good progress since I took a sick day this week. Just your garden variety head cold that has settled in for a visit, but the sinus headache was a killer on Tuesday. I go into the office tomorrow, and that will be my first day do so since before Christmas. I won’t wear the sweater this time, but I’m thinking some day next week (likely on Tuesday so I can show it off at Stitch n’ Bitch) it will make an appearance.


2 thoughts on “Today the sun was shining

  1. Great photo – beautious sweater – but don’t stand in front of that door again – it looks like there are two green birds perched on the top of your head ;-D


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