Welcome 2009!

It’s finally here, and I’m really, really glad. 2008 was such a challenging year for me, that I’m certain 2009 must be better. I know, those are high expectations, but I feel like I must go up from this point onwards.

Last night was not one for wild partying, but instead one of reflection and comfort for me. I went to Adrienne‘s house to usher in the new year with some bubbly (Cava, not champagne, but just as good if not better) and a bit of old-fashioned divination. Yep, A is really adept at this sort of thing for a church-going gal.

About an hour before midnight, we sat down before a toasty fire in her living room and she laid out her various divination items: traditional runes and new-fangled cards.  I was asked to think of a question or issue on which I wanted guidance, which was really hard. I mean, what the hell DON’T I need guidance on now? So, I followed a suggestion to just think: What do I need to know? And the result was….

2009 divinations

2009 divinations

The runes are read from right to left, and represent the current situation, the action called for, and the resulting state. So, if we look across the spread I have: Othala reversed (separation), Gebo (partnership/friendship or gift), and Thurisaz (thorn or overcoming obstacles). Spot on, I guess, and a reading that calls for me to just accept and not react at this point. Time to reflect and not take action, really. OK, that’s pretty clear.

I was really tickled to turn up the Bear from the animals deck. Made me feel quite safe having a bear on my side. And to pull Isolt from the deck of goddess cards was quite a wonderful thing, too.

We went to bed shortly after the new year was rung in, but got up early today to meet some of A’s knitting group friends for coffee before heading off to The Fold for Toni’s annual New Year’s Day event. Yes, I bought more yarn (how could I resist?), but I also picked up some great books, too. Then we stopped for lunch at an Indian place near Woodfield.

Although I’m physically tired, I do feel recharged after spending a night with a close and loving friend and then the day with exceptional women. This will be a good year for me; I’ll make sure of that. It may be very hard for me to not be constantly trying to push and pull things into what I want, but I can learn.

3 thoughts on “Welcome 2009!

  1. I like to think of them as oracles of the self 🙂 It’s not about predicting the future or fortune telling – it’s about guidance to look within and to consider. I’m glad they were helpful, and I loved getting the chance to just hang out again. Happy New Year my friend 🙂


  2. Going through the same thing. I don’t want it, she does and doesn’t seem to care how I feel. We were together for over 19 years….She has someone else, I spend most nights alone, so I think I understand. I have great friends that help me, but it is still hard at times. Good luck.


  3. Hey Linda,

    Your blog keeps eating my comments and sending them, well, I don’t know where! If, one day, a bunch of comments from me magically appears, maybe they’ll have tales of the wild internet adventure they went on!

    Crazy Aunt Purl’s got the right idea and if I ever decide to move beyond eating dessert first, I might join you two.

    “This too shall pass” was my mantra from when I was served (did I ever tell you I didn’t know I was getting divorced til the sheriff showed up with the papers? Surprise!) to when I moved out. What kept me sanest was knowing that one day, my life, my space, my time would be mine again. Simple, but it worked for me. Having a supportive group of friends and acquaintances helps, too, and it sounds like your friends are wonderful.

    And while it stinks that we’re too far apart to grab a coffee, knit, and chat together, I think it’s pretty great that, thanks to the internet, I know a knitter in Chicago who raises chickens and is living an urban version of what I’d like to be doing a few years from now. Not to mention it’s sounds there are vicarious riding lessons in the future!

    I can promise you, it does get better. In the meantime, keep in mind that a decent pillow can take a hell of a beating when you’re having that bad of a day.

    Be well and here’s to a sane and prosperous New Year.


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