If someone had told me several months ago that I’d turn into a gym rat I would have laughed. While I’m not at the gym every day, I’m there at least 3 times a week lately and trying to figure out how to fit even more exercise time into my schedule. It definitely helps me deal with all the stress and I’m starting to like the way I feel afterwards.

Besides keeping a busy gym schedule, I’ve also been having more fun with friends. Yesterday, I had high tea with Betsy at the Four Seasons. It was very pleasant to sit in front of the fireplace with tea, champagne and scones. We followed up with another glass of champagne at The Matchbox and a chat with some of the patrons. [Betsy: I still can’t believe that I introduced you to the place less than a year ago and YOU are now considered one of the diehard regulars!] 

I could have stayed there all night, but thought it best not to tempt myself in such a way. Instead, I went back home to take care of the pets and change, then hustled over to my sister’s for a home cooked dinner and a rental movie.

This afternoon it was another movie — an afternoon matinee — and I cooked the dinner afterwards. We went to see Doubt, which was stunning and had us talking quite a bit afterwards. Philip Seymour Hoffman is such an awesome actor and Meryl Streep was amazing in this role. Now I only have The Reader and Milk left to see in preparation for the Academy Awards.

I guess it’s lucky that I’m spending so much time at the gym as my other diversions seem to involve mostly sitting around in front of screens these days: movie screens, TV screens, and laptop screens.


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