Another holiday survived

This was a rough holiday for me, but thanks to my wonderful friends I’ve survived it. Yesterday was a hard day for me for some reason. I was supposed to be working, but found it difficult to sit still again. I was back to having to stay in motion.

After an hour long cardio session at the gym, I still couldn’t sit still so I worked in the kitchen. I made bread. I made a dozen muffins. I pulled the meat off a roast chicken and set it aside for chicken salad. I washed up all the dishes, and still I couldn’t abide to sit down at home.

The original plan for my Christmas eve was to drive out to my dad’s house. But I was afraid to brave the icy expressway by myself and had to cancel. The thought of sitting at home with Mark last night was too much for me, though. So, last night I drove over to Jamie’s with some snacks and what was left of my bottle of MacAllen’s 12-year old single malt scotch for a girls night.

While I was weepy during the drive and when I first got there, things started looking up after we settled down. We ordered Thai food, drank scotch (not necessarily a good combination), kvetched, watched a movie (The Village), and knit. And I felt so much better. I was able to come home and slip into bed with a night cap (brandy this time, as the scotch was all gone) and a good book and sleep well.

Today’s sunrise was incredibly beautiful: pink, orange, and gold. It was clear and sunny today, although it was quite cold this morning. The chickens got their warm morning mash, and then I slipped back into bed for a bit more rest time. By 9:00 AM I was up and making coffee. Then it was time to shower, dress, and finish some last minute wrapping before heading out the door to pick up my sister, neice and nephew for the drive out to my mom’s house.

One of the good things that is coming out of this major change in my life is that I’m getting to spend more time with my neice and nephew. My neice (Ashley) is 21 and my nephew (Colin) is 15. They are both a lot of fun to be around and help me keep up with pop culture so I don’t feel so old and stodgy. I enjoy the long drives out to my mother’s house or my father’s house with them. My sister is also a lot better to be around now that she is working her program.

So it was a fun trip out to my mom’s where we ate a great meal, exchanged some lovely and thoughtful gifts, and then had to drive back too soon. My mom lives in a rural area and the side roads are very icy and treacherous; we didn’t want to be on them after dark, so we had to leave fairly early. But the drive home was fun as we played the “animal game” (what animal am I?) and motored along on fairly uncrowded expressways into the city.

As long as I have such wonderful people to be around, I know I’m going to be OK. I’m not christian nor am I inclined to be very religiously observant. But I am grateful for the past 24 hours. Thank you.


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