Wintery Mix

Oh, how I hate that phrase! Lately, the weather reports have included the following: extreme cold, snow, or “wintery mix.” We’re having that last one now, and it is likely the worst.

A “wintery mix” means that there will be precipitation of all kinds during a weather event. So far this morning, it’s been freezing rain, sleet, and snow, and it changes back and forth at whim.

This makes for treacherous conditions for any pedestrian or car. You’re ambling along just fine, and then you hit the results of this wintery mix: slushy, crusty, slippery, icy snow. Likely you will end up on your rear or in the ditch, depending on the way you’ve been moving (in a car or on foot).

The other thing making me cranky is that I had to dig out the end of the driveway this morning. Again.

It’s incredibly irritating that the plowing service for the condominiums across the alley continues to dump snow at the end of my driveway. If I could catch the guy I’d tell him to stop it, but he seems to come in the dead of night or something.

I called the management company to request that they pass on the message, but I don’t have much confidence that the irritated woman who answered my call will do so. She must be upset to be working Christmas Eve.

Well, at least I got a good workout of my arms while shoveling.

I’m supposed to go to my father’s tonight for Christmas Eve, but I’m thinking that won’t happen now. It’s daunting enough to drive 75 miles one way on my own along various expressways [I’m not sure if the heavily traveled portions or the sparsely traveled portions are the most intimidating]. The current weather situation makes it more complicated. I’d rather not risk black ice on Interstate 80.

So, I think it will be another night to enjoy the comforts of home. Last night I made beef stew in the slow cooker and there is plenty left over. I have one DVD from the library left to view, and I fixed the satellite yesterday [it just needed to have some stuff cleaned off around the connections]. I’ve been a good girl and have done an hour of cardio at the gym already today. I even cleaned the chicken coop this morning, so the birds have fresh leaves to snuggle down into tonight.

Here’s hoping for a peaceful night. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a merry one!


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