It’s been so cold here that I just don’t want to go outside. Yesterday morning, it was -4F and this morning it was -1F when I got up to open up the chicken coop. And those temps don’t include the wind chill, which got as low as -30F on Sunday.

I’ve been impressed that the chickens have been able to do OK in this weather. They don’t wander around the run that much, but everyone is still doing just fine. I start them out with a warm mash every morning, and that seems to get them going. I don’t get an egg every day, but it’s a perpetual surprise: one egg, two eggs, no eggs, which will it be today?

I’ve been working from home quite a bit lately as the weather has been alternately bitter cold or snowy. Trying to struggle through either on a commute that isn’t strictly necessary is something to avoid, I say. So, thank goodness for high speed Internet at home and an employer with a generous telecommuting policy.

It’s so cold that the satellite won’t work. I’ve got DVDs I rented from the library, though, so I’m going to snuggle under some polar fleece throws and keep working on my February Lady sweater. Maybe by February it will finally be finished. *sigh*


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