It just won’t stop

…snowing. I think we’ll get the maximum predicated amount of 6 inches before this is over. Yikes!

I’m supposed to get to the gym early tomorrow for an hour of cardio, but we’ll see if that can happen. First I’ll have to shovel out the driveway which may be workout enough!

Tuesdays aren’t a day I usually work from home, but I did today due to some early morning meetings. I took the rare opportunity to go over to the gym and try out a Vinyasa Flow yoga class there. I’ve been to many different yoga classes over the years and just haven’t found one that I feel comfortable in. I’m not sure about this one either.

I found myself  stopping the flow and going down to rest in Child Pose a couple times because I just couldn’t hold the pose we were doing. I like to think this was partly due to the fact that I did a major leg workout yesterday and my muscles were sort of shocky. There are parts of me that ache now that didn’t ache earlier today, that’s for sure.

The really disturbing thing was the second time I did this and found myself starting to cry. I’ve cried during yoga before, too, but I like to think of that as an exception. I was able to pull myself together and resumed the class, but since then I’ve been feeling sad and wanting to cry off and on.

I’m just trying to allow myself space, as I apparently need it. Tonight I was supposed to go to the Windy City Knitting Guild meeting, but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea because of this crazy weather. So instead I will feed myself well, spend a bit of time relaxing, and then…start shoveling. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “It just won’t stop

  1. Oh how much I understand your grief…I admire so much that you are taking care of yourself though. You are much farther along in this process than I. This was supposed to be the year of me taking care of me, but as usual I’m still focused on my two little boys. I am losing my house; I’ve had to file bankruptcy; I’m trying to sell the house, but even that seems an impossibility in this market. I guess I need a plan. Do you have kids? How do you plan to spend Christmas?


  2. Cry whenever it strikes you. It’s OK, it’s part of the process. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and hits you, and then the best thing for it is to go with it if you can.


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