Thinking sunny thoughts

It’s a gray, wet day here in Chicago. We started getting rain over night that is washing away the snow from the last storm. For folks who love snow, though, the news isn’t all bad. The rain will turn to snow later today or tonight, leaving us with about an inch on the ground.

So, I’m thinking about sunny places today. Sometime in the past few days I saw an ad for Puerto Rico on TV and now I’m tempted to go there. I’ve promised myself a short vacation after the divorce is final, and since we will be in the depths of winter a trip someplace sunny is a must. After all, I have to do all I can to boost my lagging Vitamin D levels, right? Wonder if I could write such a trip off on my taxes as a medical necessity…hmmm…

In other news, our governor is a making national headlines for being taken into custody by the Feds. What an idiot. Trying to sell a Senate seat and holding up public funds until he gets campaign contributions are the signs of a true douchebag.

The folks in this state have been disgusted with G-Rod’s knuckleheaded behavior for some time, so we’re more than ready to get him out of the position. It would be great to get a decent governor in office again. Almost as great as a trip someplace warm and sunny.


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