In motion

It’s amazing how many people are kind these days. You’d think that with the economy being such a mess and news coverage making it seem like this is another Great Depression, it would be everyone for himself out there. But I’ve been meeting really nice people most everywhere I go.

Just today I stopped at the Pep Boys near my house to get some help with a rather embarassing thing: I couldn’t figure out how to change my windshield wipers. I had bought windshield wipers from this Pep Boys a couple weeks ago, thinking it would be a piece of cake to change the ones on my car. I’d done this before on other vehicles, but never on this one. (Considering that the car is 6 years old and the wiper blades have never needed changing until now, I think I got my value out of them.)

I just could not figure out how to remove the old ones first. My neice, Ashley, looked at them and gave up. My friend Jamie looked at them and gave up. So, even though I felt pretty dumb, I went back to the Pep Boys were I bought the darn things to take them up on their “we change the wiper blades for free” offer. I pulled into the garage where everyone was busy, busy and a nice mechanic came over and showed me how to do it. I apologized for taking up his time, but he assured me this was a important and it was no problem and he was incredibly kind the whole time.

I expect this type of kindness and attention from friends but not from strangers. It’s very refreshing!

Speaking of the kindness of friends, I seemed to get a lot of comments yesterday about my reflections on being alone. Awwww!

Hey folks, I’m not sliding downwards into a black hole or anything, just trying to adjust to this new solo gig. I’ve been tethered to someone for about 12 years now and I have to re-learn the knack of living single. Coping with change and loss is never easy, and I try to give myself some slack. That includes wallowing a bit when I feel like it.

I’m really taking very good care of myself overall. I’m continuing to eat sensible, wholesome meals that are mostly self-prepared. I’m exercising more often (at least 3 times a week now), and I’ve stopped drinking most of a bottle of wine every night by myself. I’m sleeping well and taking my vitamins every day, and keeping in motion.

I’ve figured out that staying in motion is my way of dealing with big stuff. I can always find something that needs doing: cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc. You’d think I would be getting a lot of work or knitting done, but those things are mostly about sitting still in one place and don’t involve motion, which I crave. If it was the right season, I’d be out in the garden every day.

Learning how to sit still and just be is the next challenge I need to work on for myself. I don’t have to rush on this as there is enough adjusting going on right now, but I’m thinking that once Mark is out for good I will set aside some time to meditate on a regular basis.


One thought on “In motion

  1. Hullo. I’ve been a lurker for very nearly a year–my mom passed your site along as I live in Cook County and she thinks I need chickens. I just wanted you to know that even though I don’t know you in real life, I think about you and hope you are doing okay with this unpleasant life transition.


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