Hens at rest

Brrrr….We are starting the really cold weather early this year. It was 7 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning when I got up to let out the chickens. It’s not typical to have temps this low so early in the winter.

Today was a new milestone: not one egg in the nestbox. For the previous few days it had dwindled down to only one a day, but today when I went out the nest was completely empty. Since the hens started laying last September, I have never gone a day without getting an egg. Up until the past week or so, I’ve usually gotten at least 2 eggs a day. So, this is quite a remarkable event.

It’s not cecessarily the cold weather but the lack of daylight and the fact that the hens are molting now. The sun is now coming up at about 6:20 AM and setting by 4:30 PM. That’s about 10 hours of daylight, which is far from the optimal 14-hours for egg laying.

I want the hens to have a rest, quite frankly, but I still hope to get an egg tomorrow. One can always hope…


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