Baby steps

Well, I’ve nearly made it to the end of another week, which I count as quite an accomplishment. My stress level has been way too high lately, and I really need a break.

Besides this divorce thing I’ve got going on, work has been sort of…well…topsy turvy. Like too many others these days, there have been layoffs going on and a general sense of tension in the air. So far, me and my direct reports have escaped the layoff cycle, and I can only keep hoping that things stay that way.

In my personal saga, I reached a milestone today: I signed my Petition of Dissolution of Marriage, scanned it, and emailed it back to the attorney. From there it will follow whatever path the legal system requires to get filed and acknowledged by Mark and his attorney. We continue to work on the required financial disclosure forms, which ask us to break out exactly how much is spent on things like personal care products every month. I guess in Cook County, IL they REALLY want to make sure things are split up fairly.

And in other personal milestones, today I gave myself my first B-12 shot at home. I saw the doctor last week and we figuratively threw up our hands about why my B-12 keeps dropping (recall my antibody tests came back OK, so this isn’t autoimmune) and just decided to supplement through injection. I tried it in her office last week successfully, but today was the first day I did it solo with no one around. It went just fine; giving yourself an IM injection is pretty easy, I’ve found.

Now if we could only figure out why my Vitamin D level is also nose-diving! Despite me supplementing with 1400 units of D a day, my level plummeted between June and October. And remember this this was during prime sunlight season when I was out working the garden and yard sans sunscreen at least some of the time. Now I’m taking 2400 units of Vitamin D a day and we’ll retest in another month or so to see if it’s helping.

Considering all I’ve been through these past few months, I guess I’m really not surprised that my body is quickly depleting the anti-stress and immune boosting nutrients. I’ll just have to hang in there and hope that I get my healthy equilibrium back in the coming months.


2 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. I think your health is definitely being affected by what’s happening in your life. Think back a few years to a lunch at the now defunct Alumni Club and how stunned you were to see how ill I looked . . . I knew it was from stress, sorrow, and lack of sleep (due to stress . . . it’s vicious) but there wasn’t much I could do about it except give my body and spirit the TLC and time they both needed to get better. You will feel better. It might take awhile, but I know you will, and you’re taking all the steps you can to take the best care of yourself and that’s going to help. Love you – hang in there.


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