In this place and time, it is impossible not to find extraordinary beauty all around you.

A glimpse of the Au Sable River at Iargo Springs

A glimpse of the Au Sable River at Iargo Springs

The weather promises to continue being perfect, too. I just don’t know what to say, frankly. “Having a wonderful time” sounds so vapid, even if it is true. (There are lots more photos like this in my Flickr set. I kind of went crazy with the camera yesterday.)

Yesterday we went to Iargo Springs and braved the many, many stairs to get to the banks of the Au Sable River and just…be there. The views were spectacular, even the one straight up. I lay down on a bench for a little while to just soak it all in and watched as a couple spiders parachuted from the trees across the blue, blue sky.

From there we headed out to one of the hiking trails in Huron National Forest. We didn’t stay out on the Corsair trail very long as we were getting hungry for lunch. Despite our hunger, we knew enough to stay away from this:

The highly poisonous fly asparic mushroom

Fly Asparic mushroom

Rachael’s stepfather, Mark, arrived at the cottage last night and offered to take us out mushroom hunting. He knows better than to pick something like this, although he did admire the photo.

Well, despite the fact that the lake is still covered with fog, the sky up above is very blue and the sun is fully risen now. Time to begin another lovely day.


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