Into the woods

Morning at Chain Lake

Morning at Chain Lake

It’s a peaceful morning here at Chain Lake where the day starts with the calls of birds, the scurrying of squirrels through the fallen leaves (they have the kind that have beautiful black pelts here), and the occasional gunshot from a hunter. Well, I assume the shots I heard this morning were from hunters at least. I’m not sure what they’re hunting. Likely birds of some kind as I know it is not yet deer season for those with guns.

The bow hunters are already around, though. As we drove in on the progressively smaller roads it seemed that every small town had the same bright orange banner hanging: an image of a deer’s head with the words “Welcome hunters!” in strong black letters. As we stopped for re-fueling and lingered for a quick browse through the “Up North” store, there was also this:

Scats and Tracks, a compelling read

Scats and Tracks, a compelling read

This same filling station had huge sacks of deer bait, too: giant carrots, dried corn on the cob, and enormous sugar beets. I always thought it was illegal to bait for deer, but guess it’s OK during bow hunting season.

I’m not sure what it is about this state, but they seem compelled to make heaps of gargantuan vegetables, even in town. As we stopped in Frankenmuth for a late lunch and a quick WiFi connection, we encountered this in the parking lot.

Mound of squash

Mound of squash

Welcome to fall in Michigan.


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