Red, white, and blue

It’s the end of a wonderful long holiday weekend. I loved having this four day weekend (my employer gave us Thursday off, too!). I got to enjoy some more of my yummy garden produce…

Broccoli from my garden

And I got lots of rest. On Independence Day, Laura, Matt (her boyfriend) and I grabbed some buckets and headed next door to my neighbor’s sour cherry tree. The result of an afternoon of picking was astounding.

Lots and lots of sour cherries.

And this is not even *all* of the cherries on this one tree. There were several branches that were just too high for us, and also many cherries that were not yet ripe. Laura took some home right away to bake with and the rest are now sitting in my basement refrigerator (otherwise known as “the kegerator” and typically filled with yarn…which had to be temporarily moved) until we process them tomorrow. Some will be frozen and some will be canned.

I also went to see the doctor again on Thursday. I brought with me about 20 days of documentation of my basal body temperature (averaging 97 degrees) and lots of questions and comments. I have to say, I sort of melted down, too. I have had it with being tired, achy, and foggy-brained and sat there crying quite a bit. Most of my labs came back “normal” (whatever that means), although I am too low in vitamin D this time and need to take uber supplements for several months. The vitamin B-12 is elevated, although a level of 736 seems paltry considering that I was getting 1000 mcg injections twice a week for 5 weeks. Nonetheless, that level is in the OK range and will do for now.

Since my body temps are low and my clinical presentation is consistent with hypothyroidism, I’ve started on a low dose of Armour Thyroid. And I’ve had some blood drawn to test for food sensitivities, too. Since I seem to be having issues effectively processing all the vitamins out of foods, it may be that I’m sensitive to something and need to change what I eat. (The antibodies that could effect my processing of B-12 came back normal, too, so no pernicious anemia it seems.)

Between the visit with the doctor and the long holiday rest I’m feeling better already. Having an action plan makes such a difference to me, and the nights of 9 and 10 hours of sleep have been lovely.

Tomorrow I start back to work and back to working out. I don’t expect much out of myself yet, but I am hoping that I’ll get through the day OK and feel like I’m back on the path of what is normal for me. I’d love to be able to resume my busy lifestyle again and stop being such a bummer to be around. That’s my idea of independence right now.

3 thoughts on “Red, white, and blue

  1. Hope the natural thyroid will do the trick for you 🙂 Tori suggested you be tested for Lyme’s Disease – have you been around any ticks? That broccoli looks just fabulous!!!


  2. Hi Linda–

    Found your blog through the link you posted on Misty and Andrew’s sight. Your new chicks are adorable! I’m commenting at this post because I wonder if your doctors are looking into celiac disease? (Intolerance to gluten). My boyfriend was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and giving up wheat helped him tremendously. Gluten intolerance is more common than was once thought, and it can cause difficulties in absorbing nutrients. Tests for gluten intolerance include testing for antibodies against gluten as well as HLA typing (to see whether you have the genetic disposition to make anti-gluten antibodies). The definitive test also includes a small bowel biopsy to see if there is damage. (My boyfriend opted out of the last bit of the test, and just decided to try a gluten-free diet.)

    Here’s a link with more information:


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