Summer goes by at warp speed here in Chicago. Once the weather starts to warm a bit, the pace of outdoor social activities and events works up to a frenzied pace pretty quickly. Here it is the end of June already and we are in the thick of it.

Yesterday I had my pick of all sorts of things to do: Taste of Chicago, the White Sox/Cubs game, Taste of Randolph Street [why there are so many “taste” things in Chicago is beyond me], Fountain Square Festival in Evanston, and many, many more events that just didn’t register in my full conciousness. And then there was my summer party.

Several weeks ago I realized I haven’t thrown a party at my house in a couple years and decided one was well overdue. Last night was the big night and I was quite pleased with how it all turned out. As hard as I try to be well prepared, there always seems to be a tense hour where I’m scrambling around trying to pull out platters, prep food, put out snacks, etc. Luckily that passed by without me becoming too cranky with all the helpful friends who gladly pitched in and endured my anxieties. Put a little food in me, and I generally get better when I’m like that, and last night was no exception.

Surprisingly, the big attraction of the evening was the garden. Last Sunday, I was finally able to muster enough energy to spend the day dead-heading, weeding, and generally tidying up. I lucked out with the landscapers, too, and was able to get a fresh application of mulch just a few days ago. The weather has continued to be just wet enough that the garden becomes more full and lush every day. Similar to the summer festivals here in Chicago, we have entered peak season in my garden and it shows.

So, last night we all enjoyed an evening of incredible bounty: good food fresh from the garden, juicy and engaging conversations, and the lovely congeniality that comes when you find the friends from all the corners of your life really do get along and enjoy each other as much as you enjoy each of them.


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