I was getting myself all ready for a nice “girls weekend” trip with my friend Rachael last night when I noticed something funny about my airline ticket. I wasn’t booked on the 6:30 PM flight out of Chicago today; I was booked on the 6:30 AM flight out of Chicago today. Oh, @#$%&!

A quick check of the United Airlines website confirmed this, as well as the grim reality that if I tried to change my flight to leave later in the day I’d have to pay an extremely hefty premium: nearly $1,300. Gulp!

So, here I am in Toronto — Yarn Harlot territory. Several hours earlier than planned, and with the work laptop that I had hoped to leave at home. I’m trying to work while sitting in the hotel lobby since the room isn’t ready for check in yet.

It’s pretty hard to focus on work right now, though. For one thing, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. For another thing, I have a serious case of Toronto nostalgia right now. I took a bus into downtown from the airport and it drove right by one the areas where I lived many years ago when I was here. Wow, it has completely transformed. What was a little light industry area where we lived in a converted industrial loft is now…condos. Lots and lots of condos.

I have this incredible urge to just blow off the meetings I have this afternoon and check out the old haunts. But I’ll do the responsible thing and continue to work away instead. *sigh* I wish the room were ready at least.


2 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. I’ve totally done that–ask my friend Michelle who always traveled to Chicago with me. I had us leaving at midnight on Sunday instead of noon! I’ve also been known to book the correct TIME, but the wrong DAY.


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