Just a quickie

Yeah, I know I haven’t been writing lately, but I’ve been either working a lot or sick. Last week I was in bed with that “super virus” everyone else has had. What a nasty bug, and it still hasn’t totally left me. I seem well enough to fly, though, which is good ’cause we’re headed for Cumberland Island tomorrow AM.

We’re catching an early flight to Jacksonville, FL and from there will be transported first by car and then by private ferry boat to the island. Once there, I plan to simply rest. I’m looking forward to leisurely hikes, bicycle rides, and shell hunting on the beach, followed by some canoodling with my husband. I’ll likely wedge a bit of knitting and reading in there, too.

All is packed and ready to go: minimal outfits and toiletries, binoculars (for watching the wildlife), digital camera, and a couple books and knitting projects (socks and an easy shawl: the perfect travel knitting).

I hope to have many photos, a healthy glow, and a mellowed attitude when I return. Have a great week, all!


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