Generally disagreeable

It’s Super Tuesday and I started out my day at the polls, like a good citizen. I won’t get into my politics here, but I will say that I voted for a totally non-traditional presidential candidate today (e.g. not another white male), which I think leaves it obvious that I was not voting a Republican ticket!

But that’s not the disagreeable part of the day. 

After casting my vote, I continued onwards to catch a train to work. That’s where the situation became unpleasant. 

I climbed the stairs to the train platform, and as I ended on the platform, I had quite a surprise. Click here if you’re not squeamish.

For those of you who couldn’t bear to click the link (and for those that did and just can’t make sense of it) that’s the remains of a deer that has been struck by a fast-moving commuter train. I think my exact reaction was: oh my god!!!

Yes, it is really gross. And this is what I and the many, many other passengers at the Forest Glen Metra stop got to stare at this morning as we waited for our train. One of the passengers said she notified a trainman last night about this mess. She and her friend said it was much worse then, as the kill was rather fresh and there was blood splattered all down the platform.

The poor deer likely was disoriented by the heavy fog that rolled in yesterday afternoon and evening and just couldn’t figure out how to get off the tracks in time.

Looking at this carcass for a good 10 minutes this morning led to some reflections:

  • Didn’t the train operator realize they had hit a deer? I guess not.
  • Looks like it was quick, at least.
  • Now I understand why people who really want to kill themselves jump in front of a moving train; I’d hate to be the moritician that has to try putting them back together.
  • What happened to the rest of it?

I’m not a vegan or a PETA member by any means, but this just seems so…disprespectul. Why not pull this poor deer off the tracks? If it’s there again tomorrow, I’m going to make good on my threat and email this to Metra.


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