Moving on

It if seems like I haven't been publishing much here lately, it's because I've become a blog nomad yet again. Now I'm moving over to WordPress.

Maybe I seem fickle since I just started blogging in Vox less than a year ago, but I think WordPress may be better for me. No flashy ads and less "blog bling" is really what I'm more comfortable with.

I had orignally moved over to Vox after I'd had enough of Blogger functionality. I was taking just as long editing the code of my posts as writing them. For some reason, whenever I added photos it made the line spacing go crazy. And I like to add photos to my posts.

Vox has been great for multi-media and is pretty idiot-proof. No need for me to mess around with code, and interesting widgets available. But, it's just not me.

I like the plain, straight-forwardness of WordPress, so I'm going to stick with it for now. Too bad I can't import my Vox posts, though. *sigh*

On WordPress, I couldn't get *exactly* the same blog name or user name, but it's close enough:

A Windycitygal: my blog on WordPress

Come on over and see the new me!

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