What’s up in the UK?

I've been reading ThomasK's blog, Urban Chickens, for many months now. I got my chickens only a couple months after him, and since mine were pullets ("teen girl chickens") when I got them, our hens are about the same age. Now that ThomasK's California hens are fully mature, he's been helping to keep me up to date about what's going on in other cities and countries around chickens. I've taken a suggestion from him and subscribed to Google News Alerts about chickens.

Seems that over in the UK, there's a LOT of news about the plight of battery hens and commercial meat chicken operations.

There's discussion and debate.

Opinion pieces and newspaper blogs.

And there are a couple of TV programs (this one and this one) and a national campaign to raise awareness of the ethical concerns over cheap chicken and eggs.

At least there's something going on over there!

Today while heading into the train station I stopped to say a few words to a person stationed with a bullhorn and photo placard decrying factory farming. First time I've seen that in Chicago, and I made sure to say a few words of support to the guy before I ran for my train.

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