And now, it’s official

I’m now officially known as “The Chicken Lady.” The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about how I and others have been approaching the proposed chicken ban in Chicago.

The videographer got some great footage of my girls on a REALLY cold day just after the New Year, too. (Launch the video clip under Related Stories.)

I guess I’m just going to have to embrace the nickname.


One thought on “And now, it’s official

  1. I saw the article about your efforts posted on the wall in The Feed Store in Summit-Argo, where I bought my first two bantam chicks this summer (which I keep illegally). Since then, ten more bantam chicks have been added to our family via Meyer Hatchery (half of which will be rehomed when their gender becomes apparent).

    Urban chicken keeping has been a wonderful experience for us so far. The composting merits alone are outstanding.

    I laud you your efforts to protect Chicago’s poultry heritage and wish you joy in your chicken raising!


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