And now, it’s official

I'm now officially known as "The Chicken Lady." The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about how I and others have been approaching the proposed chicken ban in Chicago.

The videographer got some great footage of my girls on a REALLY cold day just after the New Year, too. (Launch the video clip under Related Stories.)

I guess I'm just going to have to embrace the nickname.

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3 thoughts on “And now, it’s official

  1. Go Chicken Lady. Its been a huge publicity week for Chickens in the UK as you said, the programme that just finished punched even harder covering both battery hens and broiler chickens. All week chickens have been discussed on radio and television programmes and us chicken keepers have had a LOT of questions from people who are just starting to think about it. Keep fighting over there in Chicago – the authorities are mad to try and ban chickens.


  2. Good for you! We have always grown part or all of our own food and chickens have always been a part of that. I few beak marks in a ripe tomato is a small price to pay for using less chemicals! You have something to crow (or cackle) about! We love our "girls." I think I need to start a separate blog about our "critters" and my other non-running experiences. TR


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