Warm interlude

Ah, what a lovely day. This is the first day in months that I haven’t felt anxiety and stress over my little birds. We sat down with an alderman’s staffer yesterday afternoon and talked about the approaches to making sure keeping chickens remains legal in Chicago. And it went very well! It’s so nice to feel like we have an ally on the “inside” who can help us figure out the proper channels.

While the skies today have been cloudy, the temps have been several degrees above freezing. The snow is melting, too. The hens observed me doing a bit of raking in their yard today. I was just trying to clean and tidy up a bit, but they realized that the ground was perhaps receptive to a bit of scratching. No surprise then that I noticed them scratching away an hour or so later. Chickens must scratch!

Tomorrow should be warmer still and if I can get outside to do some more chicken yard clean up before the rain starts, that would be ideal.

It’s only 4:20 PM and it is getting dark, but after today the daylight will slowly increase bit by bit. Happy Yule to all!


One thought on “Warm interlude

  1. Can’t believe it was above freezing for you yesterday. It was 3 below with a windchill of about 35 below out by me. Just goes to show how different the weather can be I guess.

    Happy news about the chickies!! Yay! Sorry I missed you yesterday.


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