The weather has been pretty strange this year, but I think we're finally into fall now. We still have not have a true hard freeze, but the nights have dipped down near freezing. Most of the trees still have their leaves, though, and I think this is the latest I recall this happening.

This is usually the time of year I try to sneak bagged leaves from around my neighborhood. It makes such wonderful mulch for the garden beds, and it seems such a shame to put it in a landfill. With the leaves falling so late and the incredible busy work schedule I've had, I just don't see how I'll be able to do that this year.

The daylight is steadily shrinking, and since we've rolled the clocks back an hour I find myself coming home in the dark. I've been so busy with work, that I often find myself leaving for work in the dark, too, which is most certainly not a happy situation. 

Despite the scare with the raptor/hawk a few weeks ago, I still let the hens out to roam the yard when I leave for work. If I waited for days that I could be home during daylight hours, they would only get out on weekends, and that just doesn't make for happy hens. And I want happy hens. Happy hens = good egg production!

I've done some winterizing of their Eglu and ordered a few items for when it gets really cold: a heated water bowl, and a heat mat that will fit inside their Eglu. The electrician was out a couple weeks ago and put a weather-protected outlet on the outside of the garage. So, I should be able to run an outdoor-rated extension cord to plug in the water bowl and heat mat when the bitter weather arrives.

The electrician's helper seemed to like the girls quite a bit. He said he petted one (must have been Maisy) and was surprised at how soft their feathers are.

Next week I leave on a business trip for most of the week, so Mark will need to take care of the girls all by himself. I'm sure he'll manage just fine, but I do worry. I hope it doesn't get too cold while I'm gone.

I'm traveling to Princeton, NJ and I'm hoping that they still have pretty fall colors, too. I know I'll be spending most of my days indoors, but I have about an hour's drive or train ride from Newark Airport to Princeton and I'm hoping to enjoy some foliage during the trip. I've heard New Jersey can be very pretty when you get away from the heavily industrialized area around the NYC area.

What am I doing on Thanksgiving? I have to figure that out this weekend. There are lots of options, but I know Mark will favor any that do not involve him cleaning up the kitchen!

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One thought on “Fall

  1. Hi,
    I live in Concord NH. This fall has been long and warm. Just in
    the last 2 weeks have the temps got down to "Ave" for this time of
    year. This year we have had frost free growing from the beginning
    of may till the 28th of Oct. Almost 6 MONTHS!. We are having extremely
    warmed conditions here. 20 years ago we were luck to have 3 months
    frost free. I am planning to set up some cold frames to lengthen my
    growing year for greens as well. Hope to have greens for 10 months. I
    made a stew yesterday and found some bok choi still growing outside. I
    am planning on getting chickens as well. It keeps us much more
    connected to the world to garden and keep animals. Everyone should grow
    at least something. Good info and nice photos on your site. Thanks



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