Just a little excitement

I was up late last night and apparently witnessed the tail end of a crime. I live in a decent neighborhood, but last night's experience seems to prove the point that it doesn't matter where you live, violence can break out anywhere.

It wasn't until tonight that I was informed what had happened. One of my neighbors came by to ask me if I was aware that there was a shooting on our block last night. While it seems that no one was "hit," the 4th house down from me has gunshot holes in their windows. Well, that just made everything I witnessed fall into place, so I told him what I saw.

At about 11:30 last night, I heard…something…outside the house. Was that firecrackers? Or was it gunshots? I wasn't in bed yet, but I was near a window overlooking the street. I quickly pulled up the window blind in time to see two cars sitting in front of my house and a couple young men hustling into them, and heard the words "Let's go! Let's go!"

I said something to Mark about how this looked serious. Typically, you don't see and hear people rushing away from the scene of a firecracker explosion. (Yes, it's illegal, but that law is rarely enforced.) Then I continued to sit at a window overlooking the street, observing for a good 5 minutes. But I saw no excitement, no activity, no fuss of any kind outside.

So, I figured it was firecrackers. I mean, if there had been shots fired at you or your house, wouldn't you be racing around making a fuss?

I guess my first instinct — that this was a big thing — was right. Now I'll have to follow up with the police at the local precinct who, if my neighbor's report is correct, really aren't too excited about dealing with this situation. Oh, and coincidentally Mark left today for a long weekend with the guys, so I'm home alone with gun-toting crazies roaming the streets outside.

Hmmm. Sort of like my single days of living alone in a truly "exciting" neighborhood filled with gang-bangers, drunk drivers, and assorted nut jobs. Just like old times, I guess.

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