Chicken evangelist

That seems to be my role these days! Since the girls have been laying regularly (and Betty finally worked out the kinks and has been laying only fully shelled eggs for a week now), I've got lots of eggs to spare. Despite the fact that I did some baking Sunday morning, ate 3 eggs for lunch on Monday (scrambled with fresh dill and some cream cheese for extra creaminess….yum), and used a couple eggs Monday night while making salmon patties, I still can't keep up with them.

Yesterday I shared 4 eggs with my friend Rachael and dropped off another 4 with Jamie at Stitch n' Bitch. Jamie doesn't eat eggs (is she crazy???!!) but she loves to bake, so hopefully she can make something nice with them. Of course there was some discussion of chickens and chicken tending at SnB then.

Today has been a busy day at our house, and I've been presented with plenty of opportunities to spread the chicken/poultry bug on to others, too. The soil for my raised beds was delivered this AM, and we're also having some minor patching and weather-proofing done to the house. I spent some time conversing with the landscaper (who had been looking forward to seeing the chickens) and her helpers about the joys of keeping chickens and the ins and outs of doing so in Chicago. I also gave the landscaper all three of the eggs layed today, right out of the nest box. She seems to be really considering getting some chickens or maybe a couple ducks now. The handyman and his helper asked me about the chickens, too, and seem intrigued by them.

Yep, just call me the chicken evangelist of Chicago!

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2 thoughts on “Chicken evangelist

  1. Hi, Steven! Your alderman defintely trumps my alderman, Patrick Levar, in the city hall power game! I'm up for any and all of those suggestions. I've been SWAMPED at work for the past couple weeks, and dealing with that cold that everyone seems to be passing around lately, hence my late reply. I'm not sure how to get in touch with you, other than leaving a message at the school. You can email me by clicking on the email link in the About Me section (left column, near the top). That may be a better way for us to connect.


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