Works in progress

First, I wanted to reflect on my biggest work in progress: me. I've been working with a personal trainer for a few months now, and I'm really starting to see the results. I've lost 9 pounds and have dropped enough inches that I can fit back into some really nice clothes in my closet. Yay!!

I also notice other changes in my body. It's much easier for me to resist crappy food (I totally passed on free donuts today), and I eat less. My food cravings are better and better: how about a craving for a date rather than a candy bar, or some peach slices rather than ice cream? Pretty good, eh? I'm going to keep going with this and enjoy the difference it is making in my mood, too.

Over the past couple days I've added a few more projects to my Ravelry page, including a few WIPs.

I've decided that I'm not into posting photos of works in progress, so don't look for any. Unless I'm trying to get feedback on something, I see no point to document my progress in photos. I'm much more interested in documenting the end product.

I usually don't have lots of projects going on at once, but I'm not being typical lately. I've got three different projects on the needles right now: a shawl, a sweater, and a sock. (Of course I have a sock on the needles! Socks are my purse project for when I have a few moments to knit here and there.)

The shawl is the Lace Wings shawl from Alice Cooley (pattern available from Lettuce Knit in Toronto…they'll mail it to you so no airfare required!). This is a simple lace shawl created for one skein of sea silk. I've had a skein of sea silk sitting around since I bought it at Stitches Midwest 2006, and I thought it was time to use it. The pattern is very easy to remember, so it's not a difficult lace project at all. But of course, it's still lace and looks quite impressive. I haven't worked on the shawl in a week or so, though, 'cause it started to get cool and I really wanted to get a sweater going.

The sweater is the Neckdown Wrap Cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. I'm using Dream in Color Classy in the color Good Luck Jade. Yes, I know this combination of yarn and pattern has already been done by the Yarn Harlot. That's where I got the idea, OK? It's a brilliant combination of a simple pattern and a wonderful yarn, and she has many more years of knitting experience under her belt, so I'm taking the idea and running with it. I've been wanting a wrap sweater for ages. The last one I tried was a disaster, so I'm pleased that this one seems to be working out so far. I do think I will alter the pattern a bit and add some waist shaping, though.

I'm still intrigued by Cat Bordhi's innovative "sockitecture" techniques, so my current sock project is the Upstream socks using Austermann Step. Thanks to a day of knitting yesterday (took a day off work sick since allergies were messing me up so bad) and a couple conference calls today I'm already past the heel and into the leg.

One of the reasons I've got several things going right now is because I want to avoid starting new projects in October. So, this is going to sound totally superstitious, but I visited a palm reader at the Renaissance Faire and she said that Mercury will be retrograde in October, making it a bad time to start anything new. I recall that a few months ago when I was in the dumps with my knitting, it ended up that there was a retrograde. I'd just rather not take the chance.

I figure it will be fine finishing projects that I've already started, I just shouldn't start them. It will be a fine time for frogging projects, too, I think. So I also plan on ripping out that ill-favored wrap cardigan that I attempted a few months ago during the last retrograde.

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