Life with allergies

About two years ago, I set an appointment with my internist because I was having some problems with my ears being stuffed up, resulting in problems hearing. I had been slowly recovering from a "cold," except for this congestion in my ears. I put up with it for weeks until I got an appointment with the doctor. Her diagnosis wasn't a sinus infection, but allergies.

Allergies? Me? I'd never had allergies. But, I guess a person can develop allergies at any point, so I started on the allergy meds she prescribed. I had to use a nasal inhaler every day, and take an over the counter allergy tablet with a decongestant. It took another 3 weeks for the blockage to clear and my hearing to be fully restored. After a couple months, I stopped the meds and all seemed well.

Last spring, I started to have the same symptoms, so I began the allergy meds again. After a couple months, I thought it safe to stop. Nope. So, since early August, I've been taking this same combination of meds nearly every day.

If I don't take the allergy tablet with the decongestant, then my ears start to fill up again. Unfortunately, the decongestant stuff is now a "federally controlled substance" and I can only buy a maximum of 15 daily dosage tablets at a time. I don't mind showing my ID to get the stuff, but taking a trip to the pharmacy every 15 days is sort of annoying.

The past couple weeks have been really miserable. Even these meds seem unable to keep up with my body's production of histamines, or whatever it is that is causing my eyes to get red and irritated, my vision to get blurry, and my sinuses producing lots of gunk. I nearly choked today during a meeting with my boss because of extreme post nasal drip. And I'm tired of being tired all the time.

I really hope this allergy phase goes away. I mean, if you can develop these damn allergies [and just what am I allergic to? I've love to know!] at any time, then can they also un-develop at any time, too, right? Right?

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4 thoughts on “Life with allergies

  1. If your allergy pill + pseudoephedrine isn't cutting it at keeping the gunk out of your system, try adding a Mucinex ever 12 hours. Its a 600 mg bi-layer, extended-release table of guaifenesin, which is a plain old expectorant. It really gets the gunk out, but you do have to be vigilant that you drink enough water (but since you are a healthy sort of gal, I figure you already do that). Email me if you want more info, or the reason behind the (totally non-professional, non-medical) suggestion.Good luck! The mold counts are really high right now, which might be contributing (I got hit with sneezes and congestion right as the rain stopped on Sunday)


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to give that a try! Drinking lots of water is never a problem for me. Fitting in the obligatory bathroom breaks sometimes can be, though. 😉


  3. You might want to ask the Doc about Allegra (it's available now in generic form). It's been quite helpful for me . . . Don't know if it would help you, but it's worth a call. You might also ask about Singulair. It's an asthma med, but it works differently than the others – maybe it would help. I don't tolerate the big anti-histamines well. I hope you're not allergic to Chicky-Loo and her sisters! That would be terrible. Glad they are laying now! A 🙂


  4. Its awful when when you suddenly get a new ailment. Today, for the third time in 2 months a red dry itchy patch appeared on my neck. Year 10 were highly amused as the boys thought it looked like a love bite! Its driving me nuts thoug and I don't know why it keeps appearing.


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