Happiness is…

A warm, brown egg.


I have no idea exactly when this was laid, but it was sometime today. I've been checking the nest box every day and didn't find any eggs yesterday.

This morning, I got up a little later than usual (about 7 AM) and started the usual chores: let out dogs, collect feeding/watering gear and head outside to let out chickens. I didn't check the nest box right away. I was planning to clean out the coop today, so I thought I'd wait to open the door over the nest box. It was about 9:30 AM by the time I finally got around to opening up the nest box door, and there it was. It surprised the heck out of me.

It has to be Maisy that's laying. She looks the most mature with a better developed comb and wattles and more ginger colored plumage than the other pullets. Yesterday afternoon, I also noticed that she was doing a bit of "crouching" for me, too. She didn't get flustered at all when I reached out to pet her, and she crooked out her wings a bit and sort of squatted a bit.

The others can't be too far behind. In a couple weeks, I should be getting 3 eggs a day. Urban chickens rock!!

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