Closing out summer

Last weekend is typically observed as the unofficial close of summer. I passed the Labor Day weekend soaking up as much time outdoors as possible, and enjoying every minute.

We were once again blessed with beautiful weather. It was sunny and not abominably hot from Friday through Monday. I had Friday off work in addition to Monday. My 4 day weekend was very refreshing.

Friday was spent relaxing on the porch with knitting in between doing a few odds and ends chores: washing and hanging out the slipcovers from all of the living room furniture, making a pot of chicken broth, and tidying up a bit in general. I've had the "wash the slip covers" chore on my To Do list since Memorial Day weekend in May. Luckily I work much more swiftly at work, or I'd be unemployed!

Saturday was spent at the Renaissance Faire with Adrienne, her "Iona sister" Tori, Rachael, Jamie, and a new knitting friend, Brooke. Mark elected to stay home since he didn't want to be the only guy. I didn't go overboard on anything at the Faire, although a couple of the gals (who shall remain nameless here) bought some lovely corsets that were quite dear. Walking around all day really tires one out, you know? I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything that evening but veg out.

Sunday I had my sister, neice, and mother-in-law over for a BBQ. It was one of my "everything is from the Farmer's Market" meals with lamb bratwurst from Mint Creek Farm, and side dishes (grilled peppers, foil-cooked green beans with olive oil and garlic, and foil-roasted fingerling potatos with rosemary) from Nichols Farm. Yummm…

And we wrapped up everything on Monday with a BBQ at my friend Betsy's house.


I squeezed in lots of knitting time and finished up one sock in less than a week. The pattern was full of new techniques and was quite challenging, so I'm proud of that accomplishment. That's all I'm saying for now, and more info will have to wait until I'm done.

The chickens got lots of time outside their coop, and they are now pretty spoiled. I did a very thorough clean out of the coop on Monday, so they got to roam around the entire day. Mark took a few photos of them during their roamings. This one is my favorite:


A "candid" shot of Selma sneaked from the other side of the fence. She's filling in nicely.

I also got a lucky photo this weekend of a visitor to my garden.


I wonder how much longer the butterflys will be here.

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