At a certain point, it just doesn’t matter…

This may be true of many things, but at this time I'm referring to getting soaked by rain. The downpour was so severe this afternoon and evening that even with an umbrella it just didn't matter. I have a 1.5 block walk from my office to the train station. I used my umbrella, but was still soaked from the knees down and from the shoulders down when I walked into the station.

The station itself was like a mini-refugee camp – commuters stranded by delayed trains due to the inclement weather — but luckily the line my train runs on was operating on time. Almost a miracle when you consider that the sudden storm with wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour downed trees, limbs, roofs, assorted debris, and power lines across the region. I just wanted to get home to check on my "girls": both the canine and the avian variety. That's why I braved the the monsoon in the first place; I was really quite snug and dry at the office and could have held out for another hour or so.

The chooks are just fine. They had the sense to seek shelter inside their snug, dry Eglu. While they may have had to cut their dining/grazing time short (all the food is served up in the attached run and not in the Eglu coop itself), they at least weren't getting pummelled by wind-driven sheets of rain like some of us. The dogs were enthusiastic about my homecoming as usual, but also extremely anxious about the thunder and lightening. I've given them a bit of Bach Rescue Remedy, although I'm not sure how much it will help Hannah since she gets nearly catatonic in these situations.

Mark, on the other hand, had to do the most foolhardy thing. He decided that the storms were safely past us and that he could ride his bike home. Yes, he thought he could cycle the 10+ miles (about 1.5 hours) home safely without encountering any weather issues. Nevermind that by 4:30 PM the local news sites were full of reports of flooding, downed trees and branches, downed power lines, and general mayhem. And that more storms were on their way. No, he thought that he could just dash home before those new storms hit us. I was still stuck in the office and talking with boss at about 6:30 PM when Mark called me to say "I'm OK. I got caught in the rain riding home, but I'm stopped in a dry spot and I kept my phone dry." Stupid, stupid, stupid!

So, we both got pretty wet tonight. But we're safely home now, snug and dry. And I can reflect on the nicer things that have occurred in the past few days. Like…

  • Completing a knitting project. That's all I'll disclose for now since I still have to block it. But the knitting was completed last night.
  • Letting the chooks out to wander the yard for the first time yesterday afternoon. They had a ball! Look!



It was really quite difficult to get them back into the run, even though it was starting to get dark. They tasted every bit of greenery they could reach – even the stuff that really isn't good for them (they seemed to figure that out on their own, too) — and really streched their wings, too. Yep, it'll be difficult to keep them happy in their run after that taste of freeddom! The dogs, meanwhile, were kept in the house or paraded out individually on a leash to sit several yards away from the chickens. We're still not ready to mix dogs and birds yet. I guess that's more of long-term project!

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