Summer is on vacation

What a grey, blah day! It started out cool and overcast and has progressed into sporadic showers and drizzle and gotten even more cold. Is is still August? It feels more like late April or early May.

Luckily, the wet held off until after Rachael and I had a chance to hit the Green City Market early this morning. My produce haul included a watermelon, a muskmelon, sweet corn, golden cauliflower, swiss chard, carrots (both orange and yellow), cucumbers, a tomato for Mark, and peaches. I also picked up some pastured pork chops and more lamb bratwurst from Mint Creek Farm. The one pack of this bratwurst I picked up at our previous visit to the market were so lean and tasty that Mark specifically requested that I get more.

The last time we visited Green City Market we didn't realize that the $4 parking validation was only good for one hour. We ended up paying $12 to park in the lot and were not happy about it. This time, we found metered street parking about 5 blocks away and just hauled everything back in the cart. $2 in quarters for 2 hours was much better than $12 for 2 hours! And we had plenty of time to shop, sip coffee, and eat a fresh crepe.

The Air and Water Show was starting in the afternoon and people were pouring in with their gear by the time we were leaving. Poor folks probably got good and wet when the rain really started after noon.

I usually end up picking up a dozen eggs at the market, but still have some left from the last visit. Soon (hopefully) I won't have to worry about getting eggs at all.

The past 2 days have made me really glad that I sprung for the full run cover from Omlet. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day and not extremely hot, but I noticed that the Ash tree underwhich I placed the Eglu wasn't providing any shade in the afternoon. The poor girls were huddled into the small bit of shade cast by the standard run cover. So, I went out and put the full run cover into place. Today the same cover was much needed to keep the girls dry in this rain. Yes, that was a good idea I had to order that extra cover!

The treat today for the girls was some of the carrot greens, hung from the ceiling of the Eglu run. They didn't seem to like the carrot greens as much as they liked the nasturtium greens I hung up yesterday. So, a few hours later I gave them the chopped up stems of the swiss chard. They like those much better.

I snipped up the rest of the carrot greens and put them in the worm bin instead. The worms are doing very well and I'm noticing lots of little baby worms. I had started out with just a handful that Jamie shared with me about 3 months ago, and now I'm sure the population is three times that.

Since it has been so cool today, I decided to roast the beets I bought a few weeks ago. It got really hot after I bought them and there was no way I wanted to turn on the oven. I cut off the greens and stored them in the refrigerator where they've sat and sat for the past month. These are golden beets and I'm not sure if it's the fact that the variety is less flavorful than the red ones, if they've just sat too long, or if I didn't roast them right, but they taste sort of bland. I saved the skins and ends for the chooks, and I may just end up sharing all the beets with them.

Tonight we dine on poached wild salmon and fresh sweet corn. Yum!

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