Racheting up

I can just feel the stress starting to build up this week already. I spent nearly the entire day on conference calls, which substantially added to my "To Do" list at work while not allowing me to make any progress against the stuff already on there. Arrrggg!

Tonight I decided to try to tackle the stress in a healthy way and go to the gym. I usually try to ride my bike there since it is only a few minutes away, but the weather was getting ugly with a really dark sky. I did not want to get stuck in a rain storm on my way back from the gym. So, I drove. After getting stuck in a line of cars cruising the parking lot for a space, I tried the street for parking. The only spot I could find was at a parking meter that took only quarters. I had no quarters on me. I took this as a sign that I should just return home, andI did. I worked out to a yoga DVD for 45 minutes instead. Ahhhh!

I'll just finish here with a soothing photo I took last month in Central Park. Doesn't that look like a wonderful place to sit and relax/read/knit/snooze?

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