My Pilot Post

I'm going to give this new Vox thing a try since I'm so fed up with Blogger these days. It's such a pain to post photos that I really don't want to blog at all.

Since I'm testing out all the Vox features, let's insert a photo from Flickr.


Mark and I were in Manhattan a few weekends ago and this was the last photo I took. I saw a guy in a kilt walking up to the refreshment cart and just had to sneak a photo. How often do you see a guy in a kilt? Pretty memorable, eh?

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One thought on “My Pilot Post

  1. I have been enjoying reading your blog, Linda. It is so nice to read about others with a similar lifestyle and ideal. organic gardeners, chicken keepers and the like 🙂 I had to comment here as my partner wears a kilt very often. We are totally used to the strange looks and for us its just normal, so its a good reminder about how unusual it is to other people! We get the odd person in NZ wandering around in one, but not very many.I hope it occasionally makes peoples day to see him strolling about town in it.. 🙂


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