Too many To Dos

This is a holiday weekend, but I won’t have a lot of free time. I will spend much of the day Sunday doing fun things and at a barbeque, but the rest of the time will be packed with chores, including the extra day-and-a-half (this afternoon and Tuesday) that I’m taking off of work. There are so many things to do, in fact, that the list is running over the one page it started on. Sigh

Oh, and somewhere in here I’m going to finish my Lift and Separate sweater (including weaving in the bijillion ends), as well as finish off sock #1 (nearly there…just another inch maybe) and begin sock #2 of the current commuting project pair.

So, here’s how I’m spending the holiday weekend.

  • Bathe dogs
  • Wash shower curtain
  • Sort closets, pull out items to donate, pack up, bring to Salvation Army donation center
  • Pick up some summer clothes
  • Pack up and drop off large recyclables and books [FYI, there is a great recycling center with a free book and magazine exchange near the entrace to the North Park Village Nature Center for those in the area]
  • Get haircut and facial
  • Plant pots
  • File
  • Fill out insurance claims
  • Prep medical flexible spending claims
  • Wash, hang outside to dry/air, and pack away duvet
  • Wash living room furniture slip covers and hang outside to dry/air [I have such nice neighbors with clothes lines!]
  • Clean gutters [This is for Mark to do, but it’s on the list]
  • Clean up samaras [Those whirlygigs that fall off the maple trees…those are called samaras. Sounds like a yummy dessert or a nice name for a woman, not a name for annoying, gutter-clogging things, right?]
  • Fix hose cart [That’s another Mark chore]
  • Replant brutally torn out plants in front yard, and generally repair damage caused by city when they ripped up sidewalks and curbs with no warning [Does that sound too bitter?]
  • Lay soaker hoses in front yard
  • Set up worm bin in basement [Jamie received her worms a couple weeks ago and is willing to share some with me]

Whew! That may be it…for now. Let’s just see how much of this actually gets done.

One thought on “Too many To Dos

  1. I hope you had a good weekend and got most of your chores done. I love the lilacs and lily of the valley too. I’ll need to take some cuttings to our new house, wherever that will be!

    Thanks again for your help with the pie wedge shawl. It’s coming along, though slowly.


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