Ode to a Mermaid

Oh, lovely Mermaid
dancing in the breeze,
gussets flashing
subtle stripes revealed.
You are divine!

Here are the specs, also recorded in the description on Flickr.

This is a Hanne Falkenberg design called Mermaid, in colorway #3, size Medium. I started it in late October 2006 and finished February 25, 2007.

Mermaid is available only as a kit that includes the instructions and yarn, a 4-ply Shetland wool. It is knit sideways and entirely in garter stitch. I used US 3 (3.25 mm) Addi-Turbo needles to get gauge. The body is worked in one piece with short rowed gussets giving it a marvelous shape.

I originally bought the kit at Stitches Midwest from Yarn Barn of Kansas in 2005. I finally felt able to tackle such fine work a little over a year later. The small gauge and colorwork were a first for me, but the results are a lovely heirloom garment.


3 thoughts on “Ode to a Mermaid

  1. It’s beautiful! I was at Stitches Midwest in 2005 too and saw those kits but haven’t bought one (yet!) Nice work. I like the mermaid reference and accompanying poetry – nice touch!


  2. Ooooooh, it’s absolutely stunning! How did you like using turbos for it? I’ve got a shawl on turbos and the stitches keep sliding off them at the most inopportune moments.


  3. Hi. I am just beginning my mermaid #3 and unsure what size to knit. I am normally a size 8-10 US. My bust is 38 inches. Would you recommend the medium (which they say is 38-1/2″ finished) or the Large (42″). I’ve read a few blogs and it seems like some may be larger than me and knitting the mediums. What would you recommend?



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