More Love/Hate

As a bit of an experiment, I’m going to continue my love/hate rant in a new post and see if Blogger lets me add more photos…Two hats And indeed it does. WTF, Blogger?

Anyway, back to the hats. The one on the right is the first hat I knit. I used some new yarn that I got at Michael’s, Patons SWS, a wool/soy blend. I’ve never knit with Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke yarn, but I think it’s similar.

The first hat I knit is the one on the right. I used the recommended needle size, a US 9, and made a plain stockinette hat with a garter stitch brim following the pattern for Kim’s Hats in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The fabric has a nice drape to it, but it did nothing to keep off the chill on a cool morning. Plus, it’s a bit “tall” for my head.

Hat #2 is much beefier. I used the same yarn, a US 7 needle, and a sturdier stitch pattern. Same garter stitch brim, but the stitch pattern is knit all sts on round 1, then K1, Sl 1 on round 2. This makes a much thicker fabric. (Thanks, Jamie, for the idea.) However, I made the hat too “short” and it rides up a bit, potentially exposing my ears. I think they will both be frogged.

I love these things totally…
Pedicure socksPedicure Socks, completed while I was sick. Hey, if you’re sitting around sick all day, it’s good to work on small projects. Finishing these up in a day did help me feel a bit better. Plus, I was able to get my pedicure, and walk out the salon lickity split, instead of smearing my new pedi while putting on socks and shoes.

Mighty Leaf’s Breakfast Americana tea. Ever since I tried my first cup of this tea, I loved it and craved it. But it only seemed to be available in assortment boxes in my local store. On the days that I’m at home, I drink tea in the morning (several cups of it), so I really wanted to get more than one or two bags in a box. Then I found that I could order it online. Today I received my shipment of 100 tea bags. Ahh….

OK, so I’m a tea snob! Psst…their Orange Dulce tea is also mighty fine. I only got one small box of that, though.

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