More about spring

Yep, there’s a lot of gardening stuff here. So, if you’re not interested in that kind of thing, then just take a pass on this entry.

Once again, we had a fantastic weekend here in Chicago. Lots of sun, and fairly warm temps, too. As I was getting ready for bed last night I realized I had gotten quite a bit of sun, in fact. My incredibly fair skin was a tad red from spending so many hours outside in the sun.

I went running with my sister yesterday at one of our wonderful city parks. We ran for about 17 minutes at my slow pace, then she continued on around the park at her normal pace. I’m just starting to run for exercise, and I’m following the “run for time” instead of the “run for distance” approach.

Yesterday’s run went so much more smoothly than my run on Thursday. I went out after work with one of dogs (Hannah) as my companion. We were jogging along qutite nicely unitl we spotted the rabbits; they were just sitting there on the sidewalk, relaxing in the dusk. I decided to give Hannah her head and kick my pace up a notch. I mean, what was the harm in chasing a couple rabbits, right? Well, I apparently gave Hannah a little more slack than I though and she ended up slamming me into a tree as she dodged around it. Although I ended up on the ground, I never lost hold of the leash, and had only a scraped up hand to show for it.

…Off the needles…

I finished up my little scarf, then blocked it and wore it to work last week. It turned out very nicely in the blocking.
After wearing it all day, I realize that I probably should have made it a bit wider. But, I still like it.

…In the garden…

Spring clean up is still underway. I started out the morning on Sunday with a foray into the front yard to work on clean up. There are two main approaches to gardening: those who clean up in the late fall, and those who clean up in the spring. I believe in cleaning up in the spring. I think leaving all that frost-blasted, dead foliage in place over the winter has benefits: it insulates the crown of hardy perennials, allowing them to weather the cold better, and; it helps the gardener rememer where things are planted! So, in the spring I clean up all the old foliage and pull back the mulch from the crowns so the soil can warm up faster and nuture the plant out of dormancy.

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