Random Fun

So, Val came over tonight to visit with Rachael. She brought her friend Rick (a visiting Australian swing dancer…doesn’t that sound intriguing?) and Chinese carry-out.

Val is really good with a camera and she had fun taking some shots with mine.

Linda working on gloveMe working on my Olympic project, gloves.

Sadie, guarding her “squeaker toy.” (One of 3 squeaky toys she jealously guards from Hannah.)

HannahHannah, wondering if Val is going to toss her some treats.

Val Valerie, in a dramatic pose.

glove at rest The glove at rest. Notice I am working on the “fuck you” finger (as my husband, Mark, calls it.)

Rachael's hatRachael trying the hat she’s knit for her boyfriend on Rick. (Rick has a large head, so she thought he’d be a good head model. He also was extremely tired and slept in the chair much of the night, so he was very obliging to be used as a model.)

We watched the Men’s Figure Skating on the Olympics. We were so inspired by Evgeni Plushenko’s performance, we created a new cocktail: the Gay Russian.

Valerie (the only non-drinker present) came up with the distinguishing ingredient. We knew we needed something sort of sweet, and she suggested a raspberry flavored liquor. Luckily, I had a teeny, tiny bottle of Chambord on hand (along with the other major ingredients), so we mixed up a test drink. Four of us (me, Mark, Rick, and Rachael) gave it a try and agreed that it is drinkable. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know what you think?

Gay Russian Cocktail
1.5 ounces vodka
.75 ounces Kahlua
.75 ounces Chambord

Serve over ice and enjoy.


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