It occurred to me that I have no buttons on my blog. So, I’m out to remedy that today. I mean, what’s a blog without buttons, right? It seems so…naked, right?

1. As previously noted, I’ve been working on the Jaywalker sock pattern. I noticed that Cara has added me to the Jaywalker Knitalong site, so I’m officially in the KAL now. Woohoo! (Hard to believe I’m the only Linda, but it looks that way for now.)

Jaywalker KAL

2. For the past two years I’ve been a donor to Doctors without Borders, and therefore sort of a member of Knitters without Borders. I say “sort of” because I never emailed the Yarn Harlot and let her know that I’ve been donating. Today I remedied that, and am now honored to be officially eligible to put up a TSF button.
Knitters without Borders

3. I sent the Yarn Harlot a “twofer” email and signed up for the Knitting Olympics at the same time. I’ve been thinking a lot about this decision and I believe I’m ready for the challenge. I will be competing for Team USA by knitting my first pair of gloves. I had thought about doing something else, but decided that the gloves would be enough of a challenge AND I would be making progress on completing one of the two pairs I promised to do after Christmas (one pair for my mother, and the other pair for my stepfather).

2006 Knitting Olympics4. This has to be the sickest or slickest (depending on your viewpoint) “along” yet:

Buy More Yarn! I’m competing against masters here in…buying yarn. Since I really need more of it. Right.

Jaywalker Update

Here’s where I was earlier tonight…

Jaywalker_progress_Jan_25And now, several hours later, I am back to just picking up the gussets. I had somehow ended up with a LARGE float of yarn across the heel and had to tink back about 10 rows. Actually, Jamie did most of the tinking for me. Thanks to the knitting gods for giving me such talented friends!

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